Writer’s Log, Day 1

So I started an online course with the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and am revitalizing a few projects I had in the works, and thought this would be a good way to keep myself going. I don’t have specific goals, really, beside write something I’m satisfied with every day, but nevertheless I feel like recording my thoughts here might help keep me accountable. The thoughts might not even be coherent, but I’d like to record them anyway. How much have I written? How do I feel? What am I struggling with? Et cetera.

So today I wrote something for the course I’m taking, which was supposed to be around 500 words but ended up being around 600something. I don’t figure that’s a bad thing, necessarily. It wasn’t a hard limit.

I scribbled down some notes last night pertaining to the assignment, and then sort of slept on my thoughts surrounding what I wanted to do. It turned out well, I think, and it folds quite well into a larger project I’ve had in various states of progress for the past however many years. Man, years. Anyway, I’m proud of it. Good start.



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