Writer’s Log, Day 2

An astute observer would note that several actual days have passed between my day 1 and my day 2. In my defense, I only meant to chronicle my writing of actual content for projects I’m working on — novels, screenplays, articles, etc. — and not writing of any other kind, even having to do with the projects themselves, like correspondence, planning and pitches. However, it does feel a bit disingenuous to say I’m going to log my writing every day and then drop the ball for several straight days, even if I have done planning and pitching and organizing toward my larger goals. So I’m going to be writing more actual content today, and I’m going to try to write in that capacity EVERY ACTUAL DAY, not only so I can log it (even if it’s only a defeated 20 words I manage to accomplish), but so I can keep myself accountable and on track. I promise.

ETA: 334 words written today. Not impressive, but I did do some significant planning.



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