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Writer’s Log

As you may have guessed, I abandoned my attempt at a daily writer’s log, because it felt boring to me. (It’s my blog; I can do what I want.) However, that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I’ve got over ten thousand words down on a novel that’s been haunting me for over a decade, I’ve got the first act of a screenplay finished, I’m planning various other future projects, and I applied for two fellowships in the past few weeks. Right now the novel is my focus, though, and I’m shooting to be finished with it before my next birthday in early 2016. Keep me in your thoughts!


Writer’s Log, Day 6

I took the weekend off (from logging, not from writing) and then went to bed super early last night. But from the weekend through today, I have over 1500 words down, PLUS (and more significantly) I finished the complete outline/roadmap of my novel. Feeling pretty goddamn good about that.

Writer’s Log, Day 5

I actually did a lot of editing/revision on a scene today, so I probably only added about 200-300 words overall, but since I’m utterly incapable of not moving on until I’ve tweaked something to my satisfaction, I’m okay with it. I also participated in several class discussions for this online writer’s workshop, which meant a lot of thoughtful, academic-type writing. And I’m planning out a rather daunting scene as well.

So I feel okay. In fact, I’m going to go right back to it. Write, write, write.

Writing Log, Day 3

Tonight was a slog. I did almost literally anything else but write for most of the day, made even easier by the fact that I’m obsessed with listening to the full cast recording of Hamilton, which is so good I can’t possibly concentrate on anything else. I finally buckled down, though, and managed to get some stuff I’m pretty happy with. Plus I figured if I average the same number of words my movie posts were, by spring I’ll have this thing completely done. (I regularly do speculative math planning when I want to put off other things.)

Over 1300 words today, because sometimes when you push yourself through the slog, you emerge on smoother roads.

Writer’s Log, Day 2

An astute observer would note that several actual days have passed between my day 1 and my day 2. In my defense, I only meant to chronicle my writing of actual content for projects I’m working on — novels, screenplays, articles, etc. — and not writing of any other kind, even having to do with the projects themselves, like correspondence, planning and pitches. However, it does feel a bit disingenuous to say I’m going to log my writing every day and then drop the ball for several straight days, even if I have done planning and pitching and organizing toward my larger goals. So I’m going to be writing more actual content today, and I’m going to try to write in that capacity EVERY ACTUAL DAY, not only so I can log it (even if it’s only a defeated 20 words I manage to accomplish), but so I can keep myself accountable and on track. I promise.

ETA: 334 words written today. Not impressive, but I did do some significant planning.

Writer’s Log, Day 1

So I started an online course with the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and am revitalizing a few projects I had in the works, and thought this would be a good way to keep myself going. I don’t have specific goals, really, beside write something I’m satisfied with every day, but nevertheless I feel like recording my thoughts here might help keep me accountable. The thoughts might not even be coherent, but I’d like to record them anyway. How much have I written? How do I feel? What am I struggling with? Et cetera.

So today I wrote something for the course I’m taking, which was supposed to be around 500 words but ended up being around 600something. I don’t figure that’s a bad thing, necessarily. It wasn’t a hard limit.

I scribbled down some notes last night pertaining to the assignment, and then sort of slept on my thoughts surrounding what I wanted to do. It turned out well, I think, and it folds quite well into a larger project I’ve had in various states of progress for the past however many years. Man, years. Anyway, I’m proud of it. Good start.